WLOV – Special Post Valentine’s Day Offer*

heartHi you village guys!

It’s Mr Petersham here again!

You know me, guys! I’m a local character and you may have seen me walking round the village in the Summer in cut-off jeans, that have been cut off just a bit too high.

I seem to be writing more on here these days than our ‘full-time’ reporter Maisie, my niece.

Anyway, I am the publisher of this great new local village website that let’s you all know what’s going on in our wonderful part of the the world. Our little village.

If you don’t yet know me – I’m the local ‘go to’ man for lots of things. And I do loads of work for lots of our clubs, societies and of course commercial ventures. I’m a big supporter of the village.

That’s why I’m writing about this here ‘Special WLOV Offer’ all over the front page of this ‘ere wesbite.

I have actually been away for a few days, visiting my little hideaway en France (that’s French not a clumsy old typing error). Taking it easy, with (the current) Mrs Petersham.  Eating some nice bread, cheese and cakes and drinking some nice wine. Well it was Valentine’s week.

Anyway, I thought I’d made it pretty clear to Maisie that Valentine’s Day offered an excellent opportunity to gain some advertising revenues from the wide range of restuarants that we have locally, since what could be more romantic on Valentine’s Day than to go out for a meal with the one you love (or your spouse!)

Anyway, imagine my surprise when returning to the village to find that nothing had been done (I couldn’t get the internet in my French farmhouse, the French Broadband Companies are simply impossible to deal with). And instead Maisie had dedicatd the entire front page to a story on Kipling Oates, who some of us ‘oldies’ used to see around the village – buying herbs and petting horses and ponies.

Maisie’s justification was that if it is true that Mr Oates was THE Captain Oates from Scott’s Antarctic expedition, it is a story definitely worth running, because it would ‘blow apart a large part of the folklore surrounding a mythologised act of bravery, that is used to perpetuate a cliched, and in many ways untrue view of ‘British Spirit’, that has been used by The Establishment and the media they own to ‘control’ the working classes for years.  By giving them unobtainable ideals to live up to.’ She also said that the copy submitted by the writer was well edited and easy to slip into this site without any further work.

I said, that to be fair Rupert Dreadlock-Farrington’s research looked a little sketchy and that the only time I see him he sits in the Gibson Village Library looking at books on herbs and spices and other food accompaniments.  There are no history books in the library for reasons I will not go into here.

Anyway, I had a word with Maisie and we’re all cool.

But I did say that I would show her how to run a simple Advertising Feature and that she could do the next one.

So. Romantics wherever you are in the village – here’s the WLOV Special Late Valentine Day Offer!*

WLOV Special Late Valentine Day Offer!*

So, guys here’s the offer, for the week after Valentine’s Day.

Simply buy a meal for two in the village restaurants listed below, state when you are paying the bill “We Love Our Village and We Love Each Other Too” kiss each other. And the restaurant will give you either 7% off the bill or a free glass of port or a glass of liquor!

How’s that for an offer!

The following restaurants are participating in this offer:

  • The Village Garden
  • John and Paul’s Spaghetti
  • Sanguini’s
  • Glee Eats
  • The Village Palace
  • Orient Ah!
  • Spice – The Final Frontier
  • Noods
  • Sweet und Sauerkrauts
  • le Jardin du Village
  • Tapas Up

*Terms and Conditions

Obviously for such a generous offer we need to have a few terms and conditions – or some people (we know who they are) will abuse it. So I hope these are cool.

1. Only one meal per couple or part of a couple eg any gentlemen who are going to try to use this to take a couple of women out – that’s not on.

2. The deal runs from Monday 18th February until Thursday 21st February at 7.30pm. So please if you are planning to take someone out on Thursday please make it early. Meet them straight from work – or something, you just must all be finished by 7.30pm.

3. If any restaurant owner questions whether you are in fact a couple you may be asked to answer some questions about each other as proof. These questions will not be too intimate – Mr Fatorini I have Mr Fatorini’s word on that in particular.

4. If the answers you give to 3 are not satisfactory you may also be asked to produce a photo which shows you both acting as a couple - perhaps on a beach holiday together.

5. If you are on a first date, you may be a little embarrassed to state ‘We Love Each Oher Too’ so early in the relationship. But I am sorry there is no way round this, it just may help to speed things up.

Finally, if any of you guys out there are running or managing your own business and would like to support this great new local website – we’ll be aiming some kind of advertising feature on ALL of the special days below.

So please just drop me (or Maisie!) a note and we’ll get you some super-duper advertising opportunities!

Sunday Feb 24 Purim Jewish holiday

Friday Mar 1 St. David’s Day Local observance Wales

Sunday Mar 10 Mothering Sunday Observance

Sunday Mar 17 St Patricks Day Local holiday Northern Ireland

Monday Mar 18 St Patricks Day observed Local holiday Northern Ireland

Wednesday Mar 20 March equinox Season

Sunday Mar 24 Palm Sunday Christian

Tuesday Mar 26 First day of Passover Jewish holiday

Thursday Mar 28 Maundy Thursday Christian

Friday Mar 29 Good Friday Public holiday

Saturday Mar 30 Holy Saturday Christian

Sunday Mar 31 Easter Sunday Bank holiday

Sunday Mar 31 Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time

Monday Apr 1 Easter Monday Common Local holidays ENG, NIR, WAL

Tuesday Apr 2 Last day of Passover Jewish holiday

Monday Apr 8 Yom HaShoah Jewish holiday

Tuesday Apr 16 Yom HaAtzmaut Jewish holiday

Tuesday Apr 23 St. George’s Day Local observance England

Tuesday Apr 23 Shakespeare Day Observance

Sunday Apr 28 Lag B’Omer Jewish holiday

Friday May 3 Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox

Saturday May 4 Orthodox Holy Saturday Orthodox

Sunday May 5 Orthodox Easter Orthodox

Monday May 6 Early May Bank Holiday Bank holiday

Monday May 6 Orthodox Easter Monday Orthodox

Thursday May 9 Ascension Day Christian

Wednesday May 15 Shavuot Jewish holiday

Sunday May 19 Pentecost Christian

Monday May 20 Whit Monday Christian

Sunday May 26 Trinity Sunday Christian

Monday May 27 Spring Bank Holiday Bank holiday

Thursday May 30 Corpus Christi Christian

Thursday Jun 6 Isra and Mi’raj Muslim

Sunday Jun 16 Father’s Day Observance

Friday Jun 21 June Solstice Season

Tuesday Jul 9 Ramadan begins Muslim

Friday Jul 12 Orangemen’s Day Local holiday Northern Ireland

Tuesday Jul 16 Tisha B’Av Jewish holiday

Saturday Aug 3 Laylat al-Qadr Muslim

Monday Aug 5 Summer Bank Holiday Local holiday Scotland

Thursday Aug 8 Eid-al-Fitr Muslim

Thursday Aug 15 Assumption of Mary

Christian Monday Aug 26 Summer Bank Holiday Common Local holidays ENG, NIR, WAL

Thursday Sep 5 Rosh Hashana Jewish holiday

Saturday Sep 14 Yom Kippur Jewish holiday

Thursday Sep 19 First day of Sukkot Jewish holiday

Sunday Sep 22 September equinox Season

Wednesday Sep 25 Last day of Sukkot Jewish holiday

Thursday Sep 26 Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Jewish holiday

Friday Oct 4 Feast of St Francis of Assisi Christian Tuesday Oct 15 Eid-al-Adha Muslim

Sunday Oct 27 Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time

Thursday Oct 31 Halloween Observance

Friday Nov 1 All Saints’ Day Christian

Saturday Nov 2 All Souls’ Day Christian

Sunday Nov 3 Diwali/Deepavali Observance

Tuesday Nov 5 Guy Fawkes Day Observance

Tuesday Nov 5 Muharram/Islamic New Year Muslim

Thursday Nov 28 First Day of Hanukkah Jewish holiday

Saturday Nov 30 St Andrew’s Day Local holiday Scotland

Sunday Dec 1 First Sunday of Advent Observance

Monday Dec 2 St Andrew’s Day observed Local holiday Scotland

Thursday Dec 5 Last day of Hanukkah Jewish holiday

Sunday Dec 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception Christian

Saturday Dec 21 December Solstice Season

Tuesday Dec 24 Christmas Eve Observance

Wednesday Dec 25 Christmas Day Public holiday

Thursday Dec 26 Boxing Day Bank holiday

Tuesday Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Observance




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