What is We Love Our Village?

What is ‘We Love Our Village?’

Quite simply WeLoveOurvillage.com or WeLoveOurVillage.co.uk is a website about a village.

About village life. And life in a village. And the life of a village. And the lives of villagers.

It provides news, views and information for anyone who lives in this lovely village of ours. Or near it. Or is visiting it. Or is just passing through it. Or is thinking about living in it, or near it, or visiting it. Or passing through it. Or has lived in it, or near it, or visited it. Or passed through it.

But it is more than this.

It’s a snapshot of village life. But it’s also a map. A diary. A calendar. A newspaper. A leaflet. A brochure. A pamphlet. A history book. A ‘What’s On’ magazine. A noticeboard. A local archive. A telescope to the future. A glance back at the past. A microscope on the now. A marketplace. A place to respond to adverts. A place to trade. A mirror. A catalogue. A fashion show. A church. A new spirituality. A place to eat. A place to drink. A place to get your hair cut. A place to stand tall. A place to stumble.

All wrapped up in a friendly, lively, funny, kind website.

That is desgned just for you.

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