We’re Back! Normal Service Resumed at WeLoveOurVillage.com

Hey there villagers and avid WLOV readers it’s Mr Petersham here the owner, publisher and toner bottle washer at We Love Our Village.

I’m here wearing a big “I’m Sorry” T-Shirt, bearing a big fluffy, sad-faced “I’m sorry” teddy bear because I am a big fluffy sad-faced “I’m sorry” Mr Petersham who on his old knees asking for your forgiveness (and with my old knees I may never get up again!)

I’m sorry that your favourite village website WeLoveOurVillage.com has not been updated for a few weeks. Though I know that there are no excuses for this we have been undergoing a few changes that meant we couldn’t keep you lovely villagers up to date. This included:

- our broadband ‘went down’ and we were badly let down by our broadband provider who failed to send engineers when they said and are quite frankly not geared up to serve a small village community like ours. I would name and shame them but their area manager told me that he does have a budget for ‘local community support’ which he said he may be able to use to advertise on our website as long as it is within the guidelines of his “Brand Team’s” “Acceptable Local Projects” and which is currently awaiting sign off. . . By his brand team

- I took advantage of this website ‘down time’ to have some ‘down time of my own as I got away from this grey and gloomy British Summer by flying down to my apartment in Portugal unfortunately this also coincided with a holiday my niece Maisie, who usually runs the site, was taking in Peru. Although I know Maisie would hate me calling her a holidaymaker and would much prefer I called her a traveller or a ’world citizen’ but really I know she was on holiday because I saw her itinerary printed out on the office printer

- a contingency plan that would allow the updating of WLOV by Mrs Buscombe who looks after the books for some of my business concerns never happened because she lost the WLOV office computer passwords that I wrote for her on a piece of paper before I left on holiday

- unfortunately there was a minor incident whuch some if you may have been unfortunate to witness when Mrs Buscombe’s teenage son who can’t be named for legal reasons, happened upon the WLOV office computer password and chose to post some images on the site that could be considered to be “offensive” for a very brief period of 12 hours. We thank Mrs Buscombe for spotting this and bringing it to the attention of the police

- the police also asked for the WLOV website to be closed down for 48 hours whilst they investigated the incident referred to above

So you see, we really haven’t been too lucky with everything!!


After all that we are back. And you will see that we are bringing more local news, “views and things to do’s” than ever.

We won’t leave you again dear villagers!

Mr Petersham

This is how I feel folks!

This is how I feel folks!

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