Watered Down – Local Brewer who provides the pub with. . . water

WLOV was out and about in the village this week - it’s always good to be amid the hustle and the bustle of village life.  But on Tuesday we actually spent our time watching a build up of traffic outside the pub as another delivery was made.  On this occassion the large van that carries the soft drinks from the Town wholesaler was causing the problems – even though it had two wheels up on the pavement up near the nursery school.

As we are the village’s official ‘puveyors of good news, quirks, smirks and assorted other smiles, sniggers and snorts’ instead of joining in the swearing and the shouting and the sounding of horns, WLOV took time out to hold an impromptu interview with the man making the delivery and found out a very amusing fact (or two) about his work.

The first quirk that we uncorked was that the man who delivers the soft drinks to the pub (our interviewee) is called. . . wait for it. . .Brewer! That’s right, even though he delivers drinks with no alcohol in them to the pub – he is called Brewer.  And he spends his days pushing trollies laden with all manner of soft drinks, waters, crushes, squashes, cordials, colas, sodas and the like we discovered some other interesting facts about him.  Firstly his name is Kevan and. . . he’s a teetoller! Kevan says he’s been on the wagon since ’enjoying too much of the good stuff’ when he was younger which while it was ‘one hell of a laugh at the time’ the flipside was that he found it hard to keep in steady work and fell out with many friends .  Well, after ‘hitting rock bottom’ one night, he picked himself up, brushed himself down and met and married a lovely young lady called Doreen. And to add to the whole drinking theme – Doreen’s maiden name was. . Glass!

It seems that wherever Kevan goes a drinking follows him – though we obviously hope that the constant references to drink related words does not trigger a return to his heavy drinking days.

No doubt as the local constabulary continue to stamp down heavily on drink-driving around our village – all of us will be grateful for the deliveries that our village Brewer is making.

Cheers Kevan! (With a soft drink in hand of course!)

Do you know a local character that you would like WLOV to shine a spotlight on? If so let us know – because we are thinking of starting a regular feature called “Spotlight on a Local Character.”

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