Village Rocks to Live Music on Saturday Night

Village music lovers are in for a treat tomorrow. It’s a musical Saturday night with live music playing at the Village Pub and in the Village Hall.

In the newly renovated Back Room of the Village Pub there’s a double bill of folksy blues with two local favourites playing.

Firstly folk rock outfit Tinker’s Cuss will get the evening off to a reelin’ and rockin’ start with tracks from their latest album ‘Tinsmith Man’ including the current single ‘the Yeoman, the Bow man snd the Show man.’ No doubt they will also play some old favourites that mix their folk roots with commentary on the modern world and the decline of village craft, including ‘The Song Thrush and the Maisonette’,'Corn Doll Factory Strike’, ‘The Spirit of the Levellers’ before their traditional finale of their cheeky take on the impact of agricultural industrialisation ’My Seed Drill.’

Next on the bill is local blues outfit “Bessemer Process” who are to perform their concept album “Pig Iron Blues” in full.  The album tells the story of the first inexpensive process for the mass-production of steel from molten pig iron from start to finish including tracks: ’Oxidation’ ,’solid slag’, ’Gilchrist-Thomas Converter’, ‘spiegeleisen’ and finally ’inexpensive, mass produced steel.’

It all makes for a good night at The Village Pub.

Meanwhile, there’s something for the village’s angry youngsters in the Village Hall with a local punk threesome *!#%! screaming their songs of village anger, alienation and boredom from their latest album ‘%#$¥ the Village Fete’ including “Picket fence #%?!er’, ‘I hate your #%?!ing Britain in Bloom Award’ and their controversial ’Gonna %#?! In your Tin Bath herb garden’- looks more like Punctuation than punk rock doesn’t it?

Whichever gig you choose we hope you have fun.

An actual Bessemer Converter - the sign of the ever popular local blues outfit "Bessemer Process."

An actual Bessemer Converter – the sign of the ever popular local blues outfit “Bessemer Process.”

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