A Very Clever and Distinguished Man to Live in Our Village!

Here at WLOV we like to bring you all the news about our little village and we are very proud to bring confirmation that a very clever and retired man is about to move here.

He will be moving into one of the big houses at the top end of the village nextdoor to the publisher of WLOV – Mr Petersham.

The name of this esteemed new resident is Dr Spalding Bouvet CBE who brings with him, his wife Evelyn.

Some of you may know who Dr Bouvet as he’s been on BBC television and BBC Radio many times over the past forty years talking about a range of subjects from his job as a scientist and doctor to his support for many charities that help bring together his twin passions of science and helping people. Dr Bouvet is also a keen patron of the arts and he sits on the board for the National Opera Organisation and the National Gallery of Paintings. He is on the board of the National Steam Museum and even finds time to support conservation with his work for the World Penguin Foundation. His wife Evelyn supports much of Dr Bouvet’s charity work.

Dr Bouvet appeared on Desert Island Discs in 1978 and chose many classical and operatic pieces of music to take to his island retreat and his luxury item was a knife with a fork attachment.

We are very proud to welcome Dr Bouvet to our village and hope that he and his wife quickly settle into village life.

Speaking exclusively to WLOV, local businessman and publisher of WLOV Mr Petersham said “The addition of such a distinguished resident to our village is a huge boost to our community in many ways. As a village we face many challenges and having a clever man who has experience of advising many large organisations to do important things and supporting many causes by bringing the attention of the world to the plight of many people and animals and suggesting ways in which they can be helped will no doubt help us in many ways. We have many things that need sorting out and Dr Bouvet may like to put some of his boundless energy into telling how we can do things better around here. Dr Bouvet may also like to support the vibrant village arts’ scene and other good initiatives in our small part of the world.

“This village has been crying out for some more clever people who have distinguished themselves in various fields, especially ones who have a track record of using their experience and cleverness to do some really important things and tackle difficult issues. I really think that with Dr Bouvet as a resident the village will be a nicer place.

We tried to contact Dr Bouvet but he was not available at this busy time.

A big removal lorry!

A big removal lorry!




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