The Signs are not good – Village Easter Egg Hunt Turns to Man Hunt

The annual village Easter Egg Hunt in and around the grounds of the village church and as far as the near side of the High Street as you look at the Church from the top end of the village pub car park – was thrown into chaos on Sunday as participants were clearly shown where the eggs had been hidden due to the placing of a number of small signs in the area.

The signs which appear to have appeared sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning, clearly pointed in the direction of the decorated eggs which are the ‘quarry’ in the village’s much-loved Easter Egg Hunt.

These eggs, which are brightly decorated with colours, shapes and lines are made by local school children and are then planted around the village in safe areas by some of the villages best known characters including the Mr Petersham, Mr Phelchurch and many others.

“It’s usually tremendous fun” said Mr Petersham, talking exclusively to WeLoveOurVillage “as many of the village children assemble at the Church early on Easter Sunday, many with their parents to get stuck in to a game of ‘egg hide and seek.’ Each time an egg is found a big cry goes up and the searching for the remaining eggs takes on a greater urgency – as the village tradition is that finding an egg brings great luck and fortune for the following twelve months. By the time we are searching for the last egg – the whole village is in a frenzy, it’s crazy.  Villagers are running around, some with ripped clothing as a result of an ‘egg skuffle’ when a few people fight over an egg and many are ‘yelping’ and ‘crying out like wolves’.  It’a bit like the ’Running of the Bulls’ they have in Pamplona – but with eggs. It’s such a shame it’s been spoiled’ concluded Mr Petersham. “It would be like someone cutting the legs off the bulls in Pamplona, so they couldn’t run. It defeats the whole point of it.”

The Easter Egg Hunt was spoiled when it became apparent, that once the Hunt had begun (on the sounding of the last church bell on Easter Sunday morning), that the eggs were being found all too quickly. And then it became apparent that a number of children were simpler following signs, pointing out where the eggs were held.

The signs looked like this:

A reproduction of the 'Egg Signs' that spoiled the village Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday.

A reproduction of the ‘Egg Signs’ that spoiled the village Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday.


A number of parents in the village were “angry” and “upset” that this time-honoured village tradition had been spoiled by someone or peoples unknown had taken it upon themselves to ‘remove the fun from the hunt’ as one bewildered but still angry parent put it.

A number of theories about who could have planted the Egg Hunt spoiling signs are currently circulating the village. One theory is that someone from the Town was jealous of the tradition and wanted to thwart it and planted the signs to do this, although it is not known how they would have known where the eggs were without having a lot of time to carry out a Recce of a large part of the village early on Easter Sunday morning. So, the fingers of suspicion have started to point to someone who knew where the eggs were and had access to sign making equipment.

The village policeman is due in the area next week and will be informed of developments.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with developments right here on your village website.


2 comments on “The Signs are not good – Village Easter Egg Hunt Turns to Man Hunt

  1. Witness on said:

    I have spent the past week in turmoil and can remain silent no longer. I was stationed at my bedroom window at 5am on Easter Sunday for my Neighbourhood Watch rota and clearly saw a much-respected member of the Parish Council leave the house of my neighbour opposite. I do not wish to fall foul of libel laws by identifying either party, but if I point out that one of them is a Single Mother you will immediately understand that the Councillor has been corrupted.

    It is my belief that he was persuaded to sabotage this beloved village event by the aforementioned Single Mother for reasons I cannot fathom, and that what I observed was the Councillor setting out on his mission after visiting his corruptor for instructions.

  2. WLOV Publisher on said:

    Who are you mystery witness? Please identify yourself.
    Although I am sure a cursory look at the Neighbourhood Watch roate would reveal your true idenitity.
    I am not convinced that you saw what you thought you saw. My recollection was that this was a dark and foggy night and to identify individual Parish Councillors on such a night would be nigh on impossible I am sure.
    I have just spoken to Maisie and she will be updating the site with the truth behind the Easter Egg Hunt shortly.
    I can assure you no-one involved in the Parish Council or indeed any council at any time was involved.
    The speculation that the person who perpetrated this curmudgeonly act had access to sign making equipment and had a detailed knowledge of where the eggs were hidden is just that – specualtion.
    There is not one shred of evidence to suggest that this was the case.
    I will hand over to Maisie shortly.
    And perhaps you should be watching out for other things instead of fantasizing about our wonderful councillors who do so much for our lovely little village. Well, the ‘nice parts’ anyway.
    Mr Petersham

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