New Homes Controversy in the Village Ends ends in Violence

Angry words turned into a violent act in the village pub on Sunday night when a group of younger people were overheard discussing the possibility of ‘new homes’ in an animated fashion. Several of the locals’ ears pricked up at this point as their thoughts immediately raced to the possibility of new developments springing up around our lovely village.

The locals confronted the younger people, who were shocked at what they saw as an ‘aggressive approach’ and at first they met their aggresors with suspicion.
‘We did not like being treated with suspicion in our own pub’ said one of the locals. ‘And this made the situation worse. I am afraid to say at this point that we turned hostile towards the younger people.’

Simon Trill who was working behind the bar said that ‘the atmosphere became hostile after the younger people had become suspicious of the locals’ aggression. I felt that we could have a bad situation on our hands as things continued to spiral out of control. We seemed to skip beligerance and were heading straight for violence. I was scared.’

It was at this point that one of the locals noticed thst the younger people had been reading the pub copy of The Radio Times which had a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch on it. “One of the locals realised the younger people were talking about Holmes. SHERLOCK Holmes off the tv and the possibility of a new series. And not a new low quality housing development. With all that would bring. “We realised the misunderstanding, and most of us saw the funny side of it” commented one of the locals.

However, Dave Saunders (37) did not see the funny side. At all. Mr Saunders (37) of the far side of the village launched an almost vicious attack on one of the younger people, shouting ‘Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch! He’s made a mockery of the true Holmes! It’s got to be Rathbone, or Brett at a push. But not Cumberbatch!’

It was at this point that he punched Daniel Weatherborn (23) who lives in town causing a cut over the eye that needed seven stitches.

No mystery there. No need for deductive powers of the great detective. The punch was witnessed by a full bar. Mr Saunders will be sentenced in the Town Courts next week. He has also been suspended from the village Sherlock Holmes Fan Club where he was treasurer.

A new houising development - which has nothing to do with this story.

A new housing development – which has nothing to do with this story.

Benedict Cumberbatch - who started a fight in the village pub on Sunday.

Benedict Cumberbatch – who started a fight in the village pub on Sunday.


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