Local businessman eats village cricket club

Local businessman and supporter of many of our villages’ community projects Digby Fellowshawe has eaten the clubhouse of the village cricket club in a bid to raise funds for the club and wider community.

Mr Fellowshawe consumed the small, ramshackle pavilion used as a changing room by the village cricket team for the last 124 years over the course of twenty four weekends after receiving sponsorship from many of the locals in the village pub and some of the village’s foremost businesses including the signage business owned by Marcus Phelchurch.

Mr Fellowshawe said “I am very pleased to have eaten a piece of village history as we try to build a stronger better village community in the future.  I can’t say it was easy, the outer wood cladding has been around a long time and was particularly tough and so I was glad to get stuck in to the plasterboard interior which was a lot easier to swallow. And when I ate the last bit of the clubhouse which was a commemorative plaque presented to club legend Earnest Tomms by the village’s serving mayor in 1899 I was a bit sad. But my sponsors were making a significant contribution to my “Rebuild Old Bits of the Village Fund (ROBOTV)” and were egging me on. I couldn’t let them down.”

Keen local cricketer and Club President, Chairman and Captain Colin Boykes commented “obviously we at the club who actually play cricket are a bit sad that our famous old pavilion has been eaten, but if we were going to choose someone to eat it it would have been Digby who has raised a lot of money for new things in the village for many years. Indeed some of the new things that Digby raised money for and built are now old things that we are looking to demolish and rebuild again.  I guess that is the nature of decay. We hope that some of the money raised by this feat will be ploughed back into a new clubhouse and other facilities for young cricketers in the village. I have to say there has been the odd drunken night in the pavilion when we couldn’t get a kebab or pizza when we have felt like eating the old place, but thankfully the many fast food outlets that have sprung up in the village has meant that this temptation has waned. So fair play to Digby and his businessman friends for finally eating the clubhouse.”

The Village Cricket Club in better days and before it was eaten by local businessman Digby Fellowshawe.

The Village Cricket Club in better days and before it was eaten by local businessman Digby Fellowshawe.

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