Village Awareness Weeks for Cheese and Alkaline Soil “Are too similar.”

Two of the villages most popular past times – food and gardening – are on a collision course, thanks to some poor planning by two of the groups who support each of these village passions.

The Village Cheese Shop “Summer Bries” is set to launch ‘Love My Cheese Week’ tomorrow with a series of events around the village including cheese tastings, a guess the weight of the cheese competition and a raffle for a large teddy bear called “Camem.”

Meanwhile, the Village Horticultural Society is running a series of events under the banner: “Alkaline Soil Awareness Week.”  According to the Horticultural Society, the aim of these events is to raise the awareness of the problems caused by alkaline soils which can be an issue when gardening near chalky downlands. The events include vegetable tastings, a guess the weight of the vegetable competition and a raffle for a large teddy bear.

WLOV spoke to both The Village Cheese Shop and The Village Horticultural Society and neither party took responsibility for the clash of events, although insiders in both camps said that they thought the themes ‘are too similar.’

The Village Horticultural Society and its PR stunts are no strangers to controversy.  Last year its ”Gypsum Awareness Week” caused some confusion and anger within certain sections of the village. Until it was explained very carefully. And previously its planned day of action aimed at boycotting the gardening of village allotments in a protest at rising fees called “(Put Your) Hoe Down” was misinterpreted in a number of ways.

Cheese and Alkaline Soil - "Too Many Similarities"

Cheese and Alkaline Soil – “Too Many Similarities”


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