An End to the Bore that is “StumbleGate” by WLOV Publisher

Hi Readers, Friends, Villagers

I am Mr Petersham – the publisher and owner of our village’s favourite news and “what’s happening” website –

Many of you will know me as that friendly bloke who you see around the village, who is on all the local community committees – Chamber of Commerce, PTA, Residents Association . All that kind of thing.

Bascially I turn up at everything in the village – school fetes, business breakfast meetings, Rotarian lunches, golf days, exhibitions of work by the village knitting circle or the watercolour group. I am a good egg.

If you are a local I may have smiled at you and nodded as I make my way around the village picking up bits and bobs and supporting local trade. My range of pastel v-neck sweaters and coloured trousers are something of a local talking point. I am a local character.

If you support one of our local hostelries I may even have interrupted one of your conversation and talked a bit too loudly about Europe or something like that.

As some of you will know I like to start the new year off with a bit of skiing. Always good to blow the cobwebs away and fill the old cigar-stretched lungs with some fresh air. On this occasion when I went of to slide down a few black runs I left the content of this friendly village website in the hands of my 21 year old niece Maisie – who is currently studying for a diploma in journalism from the Big Town College.

While I was away, it seems power went to Maisie’s head. And she got rather carried away with a very minor incident that happened at the far end of the High Street when someone (unknown) stumbled.

For whatever reason Maisie thought this was something of a journalistic ‘coup’ and she saw it as a big break into the world of ‘Town Journalism.’

Alas, I fear Maisie was mistaken. And instead of stumbling on another scandal of ‘MP expenses proportions’ she has irritated some of our loyal, local readers, including my dear friend and signage entrepreneur ex-Councillor Marcus Phelchurch CBE.

I was mildly less than horrified to see the stories running on this site on my return. I almost dropped my duty free Henri Wintermans.

Well, now I have heard a quiet word with Maisie and her mother – my sister-in-law Lola – and I can assure you that from now on we will be returning to the friendly good news website that we are all used to.

As always if you have any thoughts and comments about the site – please just post a comment.


Mr Petersham




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