Advertising Feature – A Great New Local Advertising Platform for Village Businesses!

Hi my lovely, (or should I say “WLOV-ly) readers!

It’s Mr Petersham here again.

You may have seen me ‘do si doing’ at last years’ Golf Club Barn Dance. Before things ‘got out of hand.

The good news is that, at last has an advertising feature! A proper one. Themed. Coherent. And most importantly, ahead of the day for which it is intended! Yeeha !Get in the hole!! (As was screamed at last year’s Golf Club Barn Dance just before things got out of hand).

Anyway, the advertising feature will run tomorrow. And please note this feature was put together by our editorial staff (Maisie Walsh), working with Kirsten van der Wette the owner of The Twee House. We did not charge for this service. And indeed this feature is being run free of charge to show that our website can generate quality response for local advertisers. And I owe Kirsten a favour.

So take a look at tomorrow and enjoy WLOV’s first advertising feature!

And make sure you don’t buy anything for your mum before you read it!

That would miss the point and reduce the impact of this great new local advertising idea!


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