Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas from The Twee House

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Beautiful Art on Housewares at The Twee House

If you live and shop in our village you may well be struggling to find that special gift for a special mother for this upcoming special Sunday.

You will know full well that the choice of gifts available to you locally is scant unless you aim to give your mother a voucher for a hair appointment, flat man-type shoes or a 1970′s tobacco product.

However, there is now an alternative.

The one place that might offer you some choice was established in the village 7 months ago by ‘local business woman’ Kirsten van der Wette.  Kirsten’s shop is called The Twee House, and provides all the household, bits, bobs, knick-knacks, trinkets, bibelots, gewgaws, gimcracks and bric-a-brac you will ever need to transform your Twee House into a Twee Home.

Here Kirsten takes you through a few of her favourite Mothers’ Day gift ideas.

Artist Themed Table Mats and Coasters

Here at The Twee House, we believe in beauty. In beautiful things. In beautiful ideas.  For while the likes of French poet and dramatist Theophile Gautier said “Nothing is really beautful, unless it is useless”  even he be left scratching his head in our little shop. For we have lots of really beautiful things that are really useful to the busy mother, too.

Amongst my favourite beautiful things that we have, is our range of Table Mats and Coasters themed with the works of many of the world’s greatest ever artists.  These mats and coasters would look great anywhere in your home and help to create the right tone of sophistication – whether you are using them at a dinner party, a children’s party or just to slip under a large gin and tonic after another tough day of mothering!

Here are my favourites:

Vincent van Gogh – our range of VvG mats and coasters is second to none.

Our van Gogh Sunflower mats are perfect for hiding spills of the yellow summer sauces - Salad Cream and Mayonaise.

Van Gogh’s “The Sunflowers” has a lot of yellow in it and therefore would match your decor if it is yellow or generally has a Summer “Sunflower” feel. Similarly, you might not know that yellow goes with many shades of blue or green and so these mats may also ‘go’ with any blue or green decor you have. If you are unsure I am very happy to tell you what colours would go in your homes.

Because there is so much yellow in this picture, the mats are perfect for masking spills of the Summer sauces – specifically salad cream and mayonaise and maybe even sweetcorn relish.

If you are looking for something more modern and which may create a bit of a talking point at your next dinner party you may look at the table mats and coasters that represent the work of Mark Rothko who was an American Jewish artist of Latvian decent.

Rothko’s works are very famous and are widely acknowledged as very good by critics and experts alike.  His most famous works depict large expanses of colour devoid of life but (he claimed) possessing a more organic structure indeed their own ‘life force’.

Personally, I am not so sure about this but some of his most famous works make up our Rothko Mat and Coaster Pack Collection.  This collection includes his famous work ”No 14″ – essentially a large expanse of red.  We find that this mat is ideal for hiding spillages of the red sauces as you might expect, including tomato and bolognese, which can get everywhere if little hands are trying to control the spaghetti to which it clings.

Also included in the pack is “Rust and Blue” which is a good piece of modern art for covering up the darker sauces including brown, barbeque and Worcester.  We would like to have shown examples of his work in this advertising feature, but are not permitted for copyright reasons. But just thinks lots of red or brown and you get the idea.

Artist Themed Aprons and Tea Towels

As well as our artist themed Table Mats and Coasters we also provide kitchen linen of the highest quality, that also carry some of the most wonderful works of art ever created.

Amongst our most popular artistic kitchen linen items are aprons and tea towels that display The Scream by the Norwegian expressionist artist Edvard Munch. I am sure you have all seen this image, the face of a ghostly figure with an agonised expression on its face against a background of a tumultuous orange sky. It seems to capture true existential angst, a feeling of vivid loneliness at the edge of madness. The depiction of this image on an apron, that most domestic of kitchen linens seems to add an extra layer of poignancy. And as such it would make the perfect gift for busy mums everywhere.

Do visit The Twee House on The High Street in the Village to see our full range of Mothers’ Day gifts.

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